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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dear Diary....

I missed you alot. it's been quite a while since i last wrote anything.i had my exams going since last so many days that i still feel that there is some paper left and that this is just the holidays in between i won't bore you with how bad or normal they were, simply because they are FINALLY over and now i don't wanna think about them until the results.So now that i am free diary here i am back to writing to you.

So now that i have loads of time i am going to complete my stock of unseen movies in my computer. so i have decided that i am gonna watch atleast two movies in a day and then gonna tell you all about them at the end of the day(night). that's it for now.see ya tomo.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Notes From Underground

I finished reading this book just few days ago.I found it very thoughtful read.This book consists of two parts.

In the first part::UNDERGROUND ;we come across this sick , spiteful unnamed patrogonist's describes his life and how he came to be in the "underground".In this part he describes his thoughts and feelings and also how he is superior to others.It consists of mainly neagtive and pessimistic feelings which make you think about yourself.

In the second part::ON OCCASION OF WET SNOW; we come across a day or two in his life and in dostoveskian style a "incident" occurs which affects the ongoing routine.

An interesting thing about this book is that he himself tries to question his thoughts or actions just before we ourselves try to question them in our minds and this book starts with 'I' and ends with 'WE' making the unknown reader invovled in his notes.

I would recommend reading Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck along with this book.

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

Quoted by new york times as " the best book on the dope-decade"

This book is just brilliant.The basic premise of the book is about ramblings of a jouranlist Mr.Duke and his attorney Dr.Gonzo who are on their way to Las Vegas to find the "American Dream" while their car if full of all sorts of drugs to various other abusive elements and their head is full of acid n ether.

The movie is great too with depp as duke and del toro as gonzo. I would recommend watching the movie after reading this book as it would make more sense and seems hell lot more funny.

Breakfast of Champions By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

This is a one of the strangest book i have read so far.Totally outrageous , funny and chaotic.

The basic premise of the book is about a Car-dealer Dwanye Hoover who is on the verge of insanity and a sci-fiction writer Kilgore trout who writes all kinds of bizzre books.

Dwyane reads one of his book and becomes a homicidal maniac.

But this is just the very very basic plot, the write Vonnegut is a genius in between all this he puts forward his views about various issues in US ranging from viet nam to rape to Tv etc etc.
Gives details about a characters past to the size of his pennis.

As said at the back of the book :
"He creates a magic that makes poronography seem like plumbing,violence like lovemaking,guilt like child's play.He wheels out all the complaints about America and makes then seem fresh,funny.outrageous,hateful and loveable,all at the same time.He weaves nearly a dozen vonnegut stories into one plot"

Few quotes from this book ::
"Ideas or the lack of them can cause disease."

"There is no order in the world around us, we must adapt ourselves to the requirements of chaos instead. It is hard to adapt to chaos, but it can be done. I am living proof of that: It can be done

Now looking for his most popular work - Slaughterhouse Five.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

And so "TEAM" INDIA lose again !!!

So India lost another match,here's nothing new.Today the aussies beat the crap outta IND,as if you were expecting a miracle.You win some you lose many,that's alright but what irritated me in today's match was the way our so called "team" approached the match.Here are few things that i found wrong with the team in general these days ::

  • Shewag:: How many more chances are we gonna give to this fat,bald,lethargic, halwai.I can't seem to remember the last time he scored a century and as far as the stats go;its been 1.5 yrs since his last 100.He made last 100 in jun'05 as reported by CNN-IBN.He needs to be dropped and i am using the word dropped not rested.because i feel he should be shown his place,he is too over-confident that he is bigger than the team and that he can get away placing some absolutely mindless shots in the name of being "aggressive" opener.
  • Raina:: Anyone whose reading this blog please tell me why is Mr.Raina in our team?
  • Fielding(or rather the lack of it) :: In toady's match whenever i saw the ball go for 4 runs i couldn't spot a fielder who was behind the ball chasing it.I mean they don't try these days, or they try to stop the ball by means of their shoes !!! cmon' shoes !!! they never dive at the boundary and when they dive in the mid-field the ball has already gone past them like bhajji did today.
  • Running between the wickets :: Our team is so satisfied in taking 1's they don't ever bother to take the extra run that would put pressure on the opponents.Esp. dravid,shewag they never run fast.
  • Team selection ::Politics, that's all i can see in this team selection.obviously there is no presence of common sense while selecting a side.I don't know why can't they bring kumblelaxman.They give lame excuses like they are old and tired.Hell with those excuses.Kumble can still take way more wickets than bajji ever does.(he takes max 2 a game that too rarely).

I can go on and on ...but i won't because i am tired and i know that it won't make a fucking difference.The thing is all this media hype,the moolah they get once they score a century or take 5 wickets in an innings that they feel they are the next tendulkar or next warne.
Just give the new one's some time to grow and mature before you go on make them as next cricketing gods or else they will lie in their own misconception like shewag is on one right now.

All said and done I'll still cheer for India in the next match they play and criticize them if they lose shamelessly again,if you wanna lose at least lose with a fighting spirit.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

"WTF-was-that " kinda movies

Here are some movies,which i have seen and after movie ended i had just one thought in my mind:"WTF was that all about ?? . Well in case you are wondering that they turned out to be absolutely worthless;i am sorry to say my friend that you are sadly mistaken.In fact those are exactly the kind of movie you wish to see again and again and keep pondering over it or over its open-ending here are some that i have seen :

Few Movies I Loved

Here are a list of movies i have watched and re-watched over and over again.These are some of the movies i would recommend to anyone who has a good sense of humor or has a knack for watching good "different" movies(other than usual shit on US/UK Top 10) or would just like to try out new movies(not necessarily in that order).The foll. movies are in general funny,black comedy,"great-one-liners" type movies. ::
The above movies are in no particular order,i like them all the same.(ok maybe some even more so).

PS:In case you have seen any of the above movie,and you liked it do care to share your views and if you feel otherwise ,LIC.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Few Individuals I Look Upto

    1. Maynard James Keenan : :
      He is the lead vocalist,writer and the soul of My Favourite band in this whole wide world which is tOO| and also of another band called A Perfect Circle.
      I can't describe the way i feel after listening to both these bands.tOO| is by far a band which is way way ahead of its peers.It's in a complete diff. league altogether.The lyrics of their songs are so beautifully written.They cover all spheres of life ranging from being angry or about a disillusioned fan or spiritual or about his mother or be it anything.And same goes for the other band APC.U don't just listen to tOO| you feel THE experience.
    2. Amitabh Bachchan : :
      Big B.The name says it all.period.
    3. Larry Page and Sergey Brin : :
      yep, these two college grad who brought the G revolution over the Internet.Almost 500000 queries
      per day at their site.Me and almost the entire planet earth use their sites daily for even the most trivial matters.They are unconventional,original,refreshing,fast and bloody billionaires by the time they had hit 30.I salute you both.
    4. Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof : :
      These three are the creators of a called LOST(If u haven't heard the name of this show then u probably are living in some ancient civilization).
      This show is beyond words ,i mean i can't explain how great this show is.You have to watch it to know what i mean and all the credit goes to these three cruel bastards who keep on screwing up with our minds every time an episode ends.They keep on feeding us 1 or 2 ans. and coming up with 10 new questions.But then again that's the U.S.P of the show.You just gotta watch this show A.S.A.P.
    5. Robert De niro ::
      One of My most favourite actor.He has acted in memorable roles in The Godfather Pt.II ,Taxi Driver,Raging Bull,Mean Streets,The Deer Hunter,Once Upon a Time in America et all.He is such a brilliant actor. It's just because of him i like The Godfather Pt.II more than its predecessor.If you get time please check out his above mentioned movies ,if u can't find them then feel free to contact me.

      So i guess these are some of the individuals who have affected my life in one or the another or just have made a mark on my case you thought i might add Gandhi,Nehru,mother Teressa, et all. you were sadly mistaken.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sick Cycle Carousel !!!

just been back from goa 2 days back(about which i'll write later on if i get time) and now today was first day in coll after the trip.damn it was a hectic day.all the assingments and journals have started coming out from everywhere.some new stuff keeps coming up every minute.and so the process of writing sheets full of crap starts again.and then there are vivas and company's coming for placements and then final exams and i am sitting here writing this blog.

Conclusion::I'm gonna get fucked left,right and center.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Most *over-rated* hindi moviez

These movies have either put to sleep or made me laugh so hard(at the movie) or made me feel somebody put a bullet in my head and put me outta my misery.and the worst part being they went on to win awards.

  1. Devdas :::
    This is baap of all boring movies.the acting was over-the-top by shahrukh as usual.there was no chemisty between ash n him.i didn feel a bit that he loved her.and then madhuri also bored me along me jackie shroff as a over-enthu "chunnilal".and kiron kher scared the shit outta me when she came runnin n shoutin in one of the song sequences.
  2. Veer-Zaara :::
    Another one of shahrukh khan hits.the first thing i couldnt understand about this movie was the backdrop.i mean when was this movie set in wch year.if shahrukh was in jail in 2005 then in flashback is it supposed to be India n pakistan of 1950's or 1960's if so then it surely didn feel lik india in those days.i mean he's a pilot n wears this was the major flaw.secondly this movie was to terribly boring with boring songs(hell lot of 'em) and somehow zinta jus didnt fit in that role.bajpai was hopelessy miscast.
  3. Koi Mil Gaya :::
    Whole movie copied from start to finish from ET which was made way back in late 80's and in India this movie goes to win the awards for Best Director and Best Film and what on one hand we raise hell over that kavya girl who wrote opal mehta because of palagraism and on the other hand we give awards to fully xeroxed movie.
  4. Main Hoon na :::
    First half was somewhat tolerable insipite of terrible acting by zayed khan but the second half was just messed up esp. the suneil shetty part and the ending was hillarious.
  5. No-entry :::
    I didnt laugh in the whole movie and it was supposedly a "rib-tickling comedy".

    Other Honurable Mentions:::
    • Krishh
    • corporate
    • hum apke hai kaun
    • fanna
    • chalte-chalte

    The best part about these movies are that the comical ones don't make you laugh and the serious melo-dramatic one do!!!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ban the protests/Protest against the Bans

India is a democracy.well thats what i have been hearing since i was a kid.but nowadays it seems its in a state of transition(if not already) to a rather pathetic example of democracy.

These days all you see in this country is either protests or ban or both.For example::
~Christian community started a protest for ban on 'da vinci code.
What i dun understand is where were these people when the book was released in India and it became best-seller.all those days it was in newspapers then they didnt think it was antichrist.
Then after 2 3 yrs when a movie is made based on that book is made by a movie crew consiting of majority of christians of a christian movie studio of a christian country and released in USA which is christian country and it goes on to top of the when its time to release it in India , then our christian community got into rebellious mood and want to ban the film(read::fictional piece of entertainment).
i mean when the whole christian community in US doesnt have a problem with the book or movie , why few of our publicity seeking people have.and tell me will a stupid movie affect the sentiments of millions of people all over the world who believe in Jesus.
the only reason this movie should have been banned is cuz' its a boring movie by a long shot.its nowhere close to the book(which in itself is nothing but hype).

~ban against 'fanna'
this was another funny incident.this protest got me laughing so one fine day Aamir Khan arranged a press conference in which he says that if gov. is planning to move the farmers from their homes then gov. should undertake some measures for their now suddenly some youth wing of guj. want to ban his film until he apologizes for hurting the sentiments of people of guj. com'on yaar i mean theres a limt.whatever happened to freedom of speech.

~ban against 'black friday','fire','girlfriend','omkara' et all....

i am mainly angry because i am unable to understand why the people of india and that too just few publicty seeking fucks have a problem with movies.movies are meant to be fictional(unless otherwise specified) to entertain people and to be taken with a pinch of salt.and then there is "Censor" board to take care of inappropriate material and assing corresponding certificates to those movies but no this is india we dun care what censor board does.if we dun like somethin we want a ban on that thing by gov.whatever happend to freedom of speech anyways.

~ban on "A" content on T.V
this is the latest one.wah.kya baat my dear fellow indians we cant watch 'savin private ryan',one of the best war flicks on our television sets because some coll prof. took 6000signatures and filed a P.I.L for a ban on transmission of adult content on tv. and surprisingly supreme court(which still can't give us a verdict on mumbai serial blasts of '92)delivers a judgement that now no 'U/A' and 'A' on TV.

i cant just understand whats this country commin to.what do they want to achive with all these things.i am so full of anger against these pricks and this song "Wake UP" by "rage against the machine" runnin in my headphones is adding fuel to that.

Why is this country so full of hyporicsy.we cant watch 'A' content on tv cuz' that will screw up the minds of young kids but what we can watch is Star News and Star plus n Zee etc. where we are made to see anurag gettin married some 4-5 times and news channels glorifyin dawood while addin songs from company movie in the background.and coverin all the sex scandals and all even the sancity of ghosts in villages and how they come to haunt the villagers when himeess bhai sings "jhalak dikhlaja". yea rite ! watching all this crap is perfectly fine but watchin a great award wining movie is not.

There are so many other such incidents which irritate me and make me wanna take a bloody pistol and put a bullet in the head of politicans and those activitists.

heres some lyrics of RATM.couldnt find a better way to end this ::

Raise up your ear, I'll drop the style and clear
It's the beats and the lyrics they fear
The rage is relentless
We need a movement with a quickness
You are the witness of change
And to counteract
We gotta take the power back

No escape from the mass mind rape
Play it again jack and then rewind the tape
And then play it again and again and again
Until ya mind is locked in
Believin' all the lies that they're tellin' ya
Buyin' all the products that they're sellin' ya
They say jump and ya say how high
Ya brain-dead

Ya standin' in line
Believin' the lies
Ya bowin' down to the flag

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Spoken: "How long? Not long, 'cause
         what you reap is what you sow."

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Get the "Fizz" out !!

I was a ardent drinker of aerated drinks.i used to drink alot of cold-drinks in a day.used to sit in canteen and drink them on and on.would just need an excuse to drink one.i knew that it ain't good for health and all that but still i was like what diff would it make.

But nowadays seeing so much controversy surrounding cola standrads has got me goin.i mean if there is smoke there damn sure is fire.i aint blind to trust what gov. says or what cola MNC say.they treat india and africa as testing grounds for what they can't get away by doin in the US or UK.the gov. who gets it revenue is happy with whatever is the level of the colas in india.i cant understand is why the fuck they cant establish a set of standards for pesticide level in aerated drinks as well as for "mineral" water and vegetables.why cant gov. take a stand and have global standards in india as well. well in any case these drinks aint good for health but atleast they wont be extremly harmful.(i guess u get the point).

In the end it all comes back to money that gov. gets by MNC's and just keeps its mouth shut as usual and just protest on meaningless issues(another post esp. for tht topic).i just hope that dust settles down on this issue so till then mere coll canteen ka nimbu paani and juices n coffee ZINDABAD.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Funny Conversation

yesterday i had gone to jayesh book store in chembur to buy some books while i was there , an uncle came in and the following short conversation took place in between him and the bookstore guy ::

Uncle:"hello, aapke pass koi CAT ke bare mein book hai?"
Book seller:[goin through books and finds a thick book related to the CAT examination and is just about to hand it over to uncle]
Uncle:"Aree woh nahi cat cat i mean billi"
Book seller:"oh bridge ke uapr woh card game.nahi uncle sorry woh nahi hai"
Uncle:""arre billi hoti hai na..kutte billi woh wala cat."
Book seller:"achha billi [starts simlin]haan woh udhar baju wali dukan mein milega"

Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Mid-Year Resolution

I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).
I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).
I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).
I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).
I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).
I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).
I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).
I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).
I will not buy anymore novels unless and until i have finished reading a vast majority of them.(or until i get more money).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some Random Questions

  • How did U.S.A become so rich and powerful?
  • Why does Tushar Kapoor act so badly in movies?
  • Why does Tushar Kapoor act at all in the first place?
  • Hum chlor-mint kyon kahate hain?
  • When will 'baa' die in 'kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi'?
  • Why do college profs bore us to death?
  • When will karan johar stop makin same kind of movies with almost same long names and same pattern of songs and same actors?
  • Is karan johar gay?
  • Why does orkut's server need a bloody donut?
  • Why do people think dan brown is a great author?
  • Who runs this "moral police" thingy anyways?
  • Do i love to hate or do i hate to love himeesss bhai?
  • Who the fuck gives money to people like deepak tijori to make shitty movies like OOPS ,Tom,dick and harry et all.?
  • When will B.M.C make good roads for mumbai?
  • Anthony Kaun hai?
  • Is the host of "Sansani" a struggling stage actor?
  • Why do people smoke?
  • Why do people smoke when they know its gonna kill 'em sonner than later?
  • When will kimi leave mclaren?
  • What's the meaning of life?
  • When will i stop wasting time?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Things you will most UNLIKELY hear in ra!t

Here are few words you will in all probablity(although there might be few exceptions) not hear in my college which is as you would have already guessed rait.

  • "Kya pak raha hai yaar,chal library chalte hai kuch padhai kar lenge"
  • "Pak gaye yaar rrc mein baith baith ke chal jake lecture attend karte hain"
  • "abe bass abhi aaj aur coffee nahi"
  • "kya interesting lecture hai yaar mazza aa raha hai"
  • "arre woh mam/sir kya sahi padhati hai,fulltoo tabhi ka tabhi samajh jata hai poora topic"
  • "sha yaar aaj ke test ke liye bass do baar hi revison kiya"
  • "abe tu bilkul darr mat mere baju mein baithja mein sab bataonga tujhe test mein"
  • "yeh lab mein comps kya mast fast hai,pentium4 ka bhi baap hai"
  • " lab mein mere computer ka keyboard aur mouse kya advanced hai,ekdum solid"
  • "swami aur agnels kya mast colleges hai yaar,wish we could have got admission over there"
  • "tujhe aisa nahi laga aaj apun log kam lectures baithe"
  • "office ke adminstration ke log kya achhe hai yaar,bilkul bhi shot nahi dete,hamesha aaram se help karte hai"
  • "woh accountant hai na jo fees accpet karti hai woh kya fast type karti hai,maan na padega uska typin speed "
  • "jaldi likh submisson ka aaj last day hai"
  • "hey did u do yestarday's homework ,i didnt get last two sums,wat about u??"

Monday, July 24, 2006


some usefull websites without whom life would have been little more complicated:

  • ,>>>> enuff said
  •,, :some great torrent sites without whom i couldnt have downloaded all the music and movies n tv shows that i have written in my profile.
  • ----->>>> my fav. site its got reviews,descriptions about anything and everything under the sky.
  • , ,>>> great websites for movie/tv related queries or reviews or just about anything related to entertainment.
  • --->>>GOD site.dun know how our project reports would have completed if it wasnt for this site.just search and then copy paste the whole thing including index. and ya this site is also very helpful if are dumb and need to increase ur iq about ANYTHING in this world.
  • ,,, for those of you(like me) who are gonna face the placements process.u'll get all the info u need but sadly it ain't enuff.
  • will keep updating for rest of sites


so today finally me and ravi thought of startin wrkin on our BE project which is to b done in v went to mankhrud to get stamp paper and type some stuff onto it.the typist was a sucker took too much money and made too many typo.well anyways moving forward we finished our all tht wrk and proceeded to our destination:BARC.i been livin in anushakti for past 17years and all these yrs i kept on wonderin how is it like inside tht north gate.(actually i went inside BARC once but tht was hardly anything,we went from our bus to audi n back).

we boarded ravi's zing and reached north gate where we got ourselves visitors id and were briefed about the rules applicable once we are inside that gate which are no mobiles,no cds,no elec items etc. then we moved towards other security check where we were once again briefed about the rules by a very nice we cleared all our initial obstacles and finally entered and proceeded towards our proj guide's office.there we filled up few forms and by that time lunch time came and we then went to eat in the canteen which sadly was not that good experience.there was salt in absolutely NONE of the food items but still we hogged on it.

after eating we were sent to another buildin which is at the far end of the complex so we had to board a shuttle.and then we saw the whole complex which btw was huge no actually it was FREAKIN HUGE(it has asia's longest buliding horizontaly i.e mod lab).since all these years i had heard that its big but now saw how big it really is.while returin i calculated it took us around 15mins in bus from south to north gate.
and btw none of our work actually got completed cuz of my damn coll. office.they had attested the damn form but princi hadnt signed on it so we were sent back and asked to come with completed forms.

i jus had to write this post because i am in awe of this wonderfull barc complex where mine and so many others dad n mom work in.


Friday, July 21, 2006

i hate orkut

well not exactly.i simply hate its damned server.all day today its showin me the foll stupid msg:

Bad, bad server. No donut for you.

Unfortunately, the server has acted out in an unexpected way. Hopefully, it will return to its helpful self if you try again in a few minutes.

It's likely that the server will behave this way on occasion during the coming months. We apologize for the inconvenience and for our server's lack of consideration for others.

damn u orkut update ur server.hate gettin this msg wen i hit F5.


i jus now wasted enormous amount of time writin bout the things i already knw is great but the thing is i kinda lik writin about the movies,tv shows i watch the music i hear and it dun necessarily means i want others to like it.ya i want others to knw bout all the great stuff thts out there.i jus lik writin n talkin bout this kinda sometime later next in line are the movies and books i been watchin n readin lately. and all this has been possible only cos of one single element----->>>WWW.
so hail towards the power of has single handely shaped my life and my taste in movies,music,books n almost everythin i do.dun knw what growin up wud hav been without web.

Awesome TV series.(almost unknown in india)

Today i feel like writin bout some of the tv show that i been watchin lately not on televison but on my computer cuz of only one reason they arent freakin aired in india and each one of them is GREAT. so here it goes....

1] LOST:-

This is the gra
nd daddy of all the recent shows to come on air. this show rocks n how. its basically about a plane crash which leaves a bunch of strangers stranded on a deserted island which is way offcourse their route.but this is not jus another island no sir not by a long shot.this island is mysterious. it has got a fkin gr8 script which will leave you wantin to watch the nxt episode the next min. dun waste time in readin further go watch LOST u'll not regret thats a promise.untill now i havnet met a single person who has watched LOST n not likd it.

2]Prison Break:-

this show also has a great concept....its basic story is this: a p
erson is hellbent of rescuing his elder brother from jail as he beileves he is falsely accused so he gets himself in prison n plans a prison break.impossible aint it?? no if he designed that place.....superb acting n script.

One Tree Hill:-

teen series....bout basketball,love,hate, n life in general.has got gr8 soundtrack to it.seriously the soundtax played a major part in gettin me hooked onto it.its got some spl apperances by bands like jimmy eat world,nada surf,falloutboy etc.wonderful dialouges n all of the main lead look damn good in it.


Hollywood...thats wat this series is about.its bout a upcommin actor vincent chase n his 3 friends includin his half-brother who is a phased out actor.its as close to hollywood u can get.its very much believable almost as if u r actually watchin wats happenin in the life of this of his friend eric runs the show as in he manages him n his work without any experience himself or any contacts but he decides wat all movies he shd do. and the another scene stealer is his agent auri who acts in a flamboyant manner that u jus cant ignore him.very much recommended this show.its original,funny,n i lik it so wud u.

5]Grey's Anatomy:-
well well this aint another medical drama.this series is totally different from any of hospital series out there.its bout 5med interns n their struggle thru their internship.meredith grey who is the daughter of well known surgeon ,izzy whos a model,geroge a goofy kinda guy (hes the best in the show),yang a hot headed strong girl,and alex a guy whom u wud hate to love and then there are their superiors the nazi,preston n shepherd n chief....the best thing bout this is how in a min the scenario changes from being comical to utter seriousness of a hospital.the operations shown in this r totally believable so much so that sometimes it becomes difficult to watch them.

6]South park:-
eric cartman,kyle broflovski,stanley marsh,kenny McCormick.enuff said.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


so my vaccations have i went to see the movie "fanna"....first ate at ovenfresh at shivaji park...ate spagetthi arabitta which was good a bit too spicy n full of xtra masala but good in all...saw the movie show at somethin bout the movie:

the movie started n 5 mins into the movie i was wondernin why the hell in first place i came to see this....after 15mins aamir decides to sing a song for kajol n 20 mins later they fell in love...1 hr later they decide to get married...while sayin some stupid "shayari" in between every 10 lines....n it turns out he's a terrorist n in the meantime kajol gets her eyesight back....n blah blah....after 3 hrs she kills him finally n i m free to leave the hall....theres no dir in the movie whtsoever....i mean this director could hav done soo much with these talented actor viz amir,kajol,tabu but instead he made a total crap of a movie....
in one scene tabu shoots a guy wit a pistol from helicopter to helicopter while the guy has ak-47 in his hand...i mean wtf?? so in all i was dissappointed...

then came back thts pretty much what i did today....anyways i dun knw y i am writing this cos i knw wht i hav done n i dun think anyone else vil read this but wht the hell i wanted to cuss this movie...

Monday, June 05, 2006

gettin started

well i started my blog ,hav lots on my mind to write bout but cant get started....