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Friday, July 21, 2006

Awesome TV series.(almost unknown in india)

Today i feel like writin bout some of the tv show that i been watchin lately not on televison but on my computer cuz of only one reason they arent freakin aired in india and each one of them is GREAT. so here it goes....

1] LOST:-

This is the gra
nd daddy of all the recent shows to come on air. this show rocks n how. its basically about a plane crash which leaves a bunch of strangers stranded on a deserted island which is way offcourse their route.but this is not jus another island no sir not by a long shot.this island is mysterious. it has got a fkin gr8 script which will leave you wantin to watch the nxt episode the next min. dun waste time in readin further go watch LOST u'll not regret thats a promise.untill now i havnet met a single person who has watched LOST n not likd it.

2]Prison Break:-

this show also has a great concept....its basic story is this: a p
erson is hellbent of rescuing his elder brother from jail as he beileves he is falsely accused so he gets himself in prison n plans a prison break.impossible aint it?? no if he designed that place.....superb acting n script.

One Tree Hill:-

teen series....bout basketball,love,hate, n life in general.has got gr8 soundtrack to it.seriously the soundtax played a major part in gettin me hooked onto it.its got some spl apperances by bands like jimmy eat world,nada surf,falloutboy etc.wonderful dialouges n all of the main lead look damn good in it.


Hollywood...thats wat this series is about.its bout a upcommin actor vincent chase n his 3 friends includin his half-brother who is a phased out actor.its as close to hollywood u can get.its very much believable almost as if u r actually watchin wats happenin in the life of this of his friend eric runs the show as in he manages him n his work without any experience himself or any contacts but he decides wat all movies he shd do. and the another scene stealer is his agent auri who acts in a flamboyant manner that u jus cant ignore him.very much recommended this show.its original,funny,n i lik it so wud u.

5]Grey's Anatomy:-
well well this aint another medical drama.this series is totally different from any of hospital series out there.its bout 5med interns n their struggle thru their internship.meredith grey who is the daughter of well known surgeon ,izzy whos a model,geroge a goofy kinda guy (hes the best in the show),yang a hot headed strong girl,and alex a guy whom u wud hate to love and then there are their superiors the nazi,preston n shepherd n chief....the best thing bout this is how in a min the scenario changes from being comical to utter seriousness of a hospital.the operations shown in this r totally believable so much so that sometimes it becomes difficult to watch them.

6]South park:-
eric cartman,kyle broflovski,stanley marsh,kenny McCormick.enuff said.

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