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Monday, May 07, 2007

Spidey is a Sissy !

Saw this non-sense of a movie they call spiderman at adlabs,vashi today for 50 bucks and man it ain't even worth that. I don't quite remember when was the last time i had seen such a silly and childish movie which bored me to sleep and let me tell you i have seen many viz tarararaaaaa pumpum , et all .

The "Plot" of the movie is still the same. I can't even differentiate between the three movies now.There is this parker guy( read : gay) who is always messed up on the personal front.He just can't get it right with that MJ girl (read :aunty) and even rightly so.

For ex. there is this scene where he is about to propose to her in the restaurant and the girl is in a bad mood coz she just got kicked outta broadway. She is saying that she doens't feel well and all that crap. To which he replies oh its ok, i know how u feel , even spiderman gets to hear bad things from people and what not. I was wishing she would take a iron rod and smash open his head then and there itself saying "digg this mofo"

Or this other scene , where spiderman is swinging around the buildings( as usual) and tagging people , yo - yo and all that shit , looking gay as ever. and then kisses another girl like he had kissed that other girl in the 1st movie in front of her. again i was like iron rod- kill him , kill him.For the sake of humanity kill this gay superhero.

All the same "villans" sand something guy , then there is this other black spidey as if one wasn't enough. When i come to think of it i kinda liked this black spidey much more than his gay counterpart. Nothing new happens in this movie what so ever. villians rampaging the city , spidey saves the day(along with his amnesiac friend goblin jr.) in the end and comes out alive and so and so forth.

I can go on forever cursing the movie but i would like to conclude on the following note :

I can't decide which movie was more boring and stupid : DHOOM 2 or Spiderman 3 ????

The Last Last Viva !

Done with 'em all.

Today's one was just a formality of sorts. Sir is gonna give marks based on our faces and more importantly his "mood".So even though i gave no response to all the questions he asked me , still when we came out we were just glad that it's over. When sir got tired of asking ques , he said :
" jao, haan jao.Ho gaya.kuch padh ke nahi aaye the na. jao exam mein padh ke aana * we just got up and turned* warna fail ho jaoge "

Done with my Last Journal,Last Grade,Last Viva of engineering. As borat would say :

Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am not in the mood....... study for mon's dwm viva,so i am writing this post.Just not getting in the flow to start with anything tonite.But it's not that i have anything special to do also, but still.Ab toh jo kal hoga utna kar ke jaonga.Not that anyone else is studying much. Everyone must be bored of vivas or atleast i sure hope that they are.

Got to try sardar's 30gig ipod when i went for a late night stroll with my friends.I absolutely love that piece man.Great video quality and he had some of my phavourite songs,so i had a nice time listening to them on his ipod And 5.5Gen ipod is much thinner that it's predecessor.

Currently listening to American Hi-Fi 's Debut album.Had bought their tape few years back,it was one of my fav. tapes to listen to in car.It has some great alt. rock songs my favs. being A fool for you,Flavour of the week , safer on the outside,Another Perfect Day. Try it out.Nice album.

Currently Reading "A Fine Balance" -By Rohinton Mistry .I really like the character development in this book.The way he has given the background of all the concerned characters.I have heard this is a very tragic and sad book.So i am proceeding with caution,and by now signs are very clear.He doesn't sugarcoat things.The future seems bleak for the characters.But it's been a great read till now.Will give a complete review when i am finished with it.

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Second Last Viva (which almost took forever to finish)

Today officially i waited for the longest time EVER to give my viva.Reached college by 9.30 and gave my viva at around 5.30,only coz of my stupid decision not to give it with manas in the first group itself and it would have been over by 10.30-11.I said I'll give in next group and then that "next" group never seem to come.

3 down,1 to go !!!! Bring it ON !!

Anyhoo Life has been pretty much static in the past week.

Sleeping-Eating-Music-Reading 'A Fine Balance'-cut my hair REALLY short-Reading Few pages from notes and textbooks-Watchin Tv Series on comp or THE simpsons-talking on phone-spent the least amount of time EVER on internet in the past week *note to self : stop doing silly mistakes*-staying at home except for college and ravi's place-celebrated condi's b'day today-laughed like crazy morons while waiting for viva to happen-roamed like a stoner while waiting for viva to happen