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Friday, July 28, 2006

Things you will most UNLIKELY hear in ra!t

Here are few words you will in all probablity(although there might be few exceptions) not hear in my college which is as you would have already guessed rait.

  • "Kya pak raha hai yaar,chal library chalte hai kuch padhai kar lenge"
  • "Pak gaye yaar rrc mein baith baith ke chal jake lecture attend karte hain"
  • "abe bass abhi aaj aur coffee nahi"
  • "kya interesting lecture hai yaar mazza aa raha hai"
  • "arre woh mam/sir kya sahi padhati hai,fulltoo tabhi ka tabhi samajh jata hai poora topic"
  • "sha yaar aaj ke test ke liye bass do baar hi revison kiya"
  • "abe tu bilkul darr mat mere baju mein baithja mein sab bataonga tujhe test mein"
  • "yeh lab mein comps kya mast fast hai,pentium4 ka bhi baap hai"
  • " lab mein mere computer ka keyboard aur mouse kya advanced hai,ekdum solid"
  • "swami aur agnels kya mast colleges hai yaar,wish we could have got admission over there"
  • "tujhe aisa nahi laga aaj apun log kam lectures baithe"
  • "office ke adminstration ke log kya achhe hai yaar,bilkul bhi shot nahi dete,hamesha aaram se help karte hai"
  • "woh accountant hai na jo fees accpet karti hai woh kya fast type karti hai,maan na padega uska typin speed "
  • "jaldi likh submisson ka aaj last day hai"
  • "hey did u do yestarday's homework ,i didnt get last two sums,wat about u??"


epOch said...

the second last one shud be
"Jaldi likh...submission ko ek hi hafta bacha hai" ; )

epOch said...

one more....
"Abey apne ko term work kya sexy milta hai bey! teachers aren't biased at all!"

disciple said...

o bas kar yaar!! maar suteya yaar!! aaaahahahah!! man u have written brilliantly...maan gaye ustaad...aapki paarkhi nazar aur nirma super..dono ko!!! lol

Anonymous said...


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