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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I had always thought of posting one blog entry the day before I leave.So here I am doing the same,amidst the chaos of work that is still pending.

That weird feeling has started to sunk in just a wee bit now.I'm feeling somewhat uneasy,mostly because of my procrastination.It was a good day,met all of my ex-office buddies in the afternoon,caught up with a good friend of mine after a long time in the evening.On the other hand,could quite catch up with couple of friends and I'm feeling really bad about that.

So that's that.

Miss you all ,and see you on the Other Side.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In July

Last couple of weeks were pretty much a blur for me.

Drive,Shop,Sleep.Meet relatives,leave relatives.Meet friends,leave friends.Drive,Shop,Sleep.Lunch here,dinner there.Windows crash,Tweet Tweet.Drive,Shop,Sleep.

And the shopping didn't actually end,I guess mads was right in claiming that it won't ever end.

All in all,it was exactly the kinda experience i was looking forward to.I'm still not sure how to describe the entire experience of past month.It sure has been a emotional roller-coaster(pardon the cliche or you may not).There has been an unexpected detour,some apprehensions and a lot of talking to self.

I vividly remember this time of the month,last year.Watching friends leave and wondering what'll be happening to me during the course of a year.I found out the answer to that question.