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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sick Cycle Carousel !!!

just been back from goa 2 days back(about which i'll write later on if i get time) and now today was first day in coll after the trip.damn it was a hectic day.all the assingments and journals have started coming out from everywhere.some new stuff keeps coming up every minute.and so the process of writing sheets full of crap starts again.and then there are vivas and company's coming for placements and then final exams and i am sitting here writing this blog.

Conclusion::I'm gonna get fucked left,right and center.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Most *over-rated* hindi moviez

These movies have either put to sleep or made me laugh so hard(at the movie) or made me feel somebody put a bullet in my head and put me outta my misery.and the worst part being they went on to win awards.

  1. Devdas :::
    This is baap of all boring movies.the acting was over-the-top by shahrukh as usual.there was no chemisty between ash n him.i didn feel a bit that he loved her.and then madhuri also bored me along me jackie shroff as a over-enthu "chunnilal".and kiron kher scared the shit outta me when she came runnin n shoutin in one of the song sequences.
  2. Veer-Zaara :::
    Another one of shahrukh khan hits.the first thing i couldnt understand about this movie was the backdrop.i mean when was this movie set in wch year.if shahrukh was in jail in 2005 then in flashback is it supposed to be India n pakistan of 1950's or 1960's if so then it surely didn feel lik india in those days.i mean he's a pilot n wears this was the major flaw.secondly this movie was to terribly boring with boring songs(hell lot of 'em) and somehow zinta jus didnt fit in that role.bajpai was hopelessy miscast.
  3. Koi Mil Gaya :::
    Whole movie copied from start to finish from ET which was made way back in late 80's and in India this movie goes to win the awards for Best Director and Best Film and what on one hand we raise hell over that kavya girl who wrote opal mehta because of palagraism and on the other hand we give awards to fully xeroxed movie.
  4. Main Hoon na :::
    First half was somewhat tolerable insipite of terrible acting by zayed khan but the second half was just messed up esp. the suneil shetty part and the ending was hillarious.
  5. No-entry :::
    I didnt laugh in the whole movie and it was supposedly a "rib-tickling comedy".

    Other Honurable Mentions:::
    • Krishh
    • corporate
    • hum apke hai kaun
    • fanna
    • chalte-chalte

    The best part about these movies are that the comical ones don't make you laugh and the serious melo-dramatic one do!!!