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Sunday, October 29, 2006

And so "TEAM" INDIA lose again !!!

So India lost another match,here's nothing new.Today the aussies beat the crap outta IND,as if you were expecting a miracle.You win some you lose many,that's alright but what irritated me in today's match was the way our so called "team" approached the match.Here are few things that i found wrong with the team in general these days ::

  • Shewag:: How many more chances are we gonna give to this fat,bald,lethargic, halwai.I can't seem to remember the last time he scored a century and as far as the stats go;its been 1.5 yrs since his last 100.He made last 100 in jun'05 as reported by CNN-IBN.He needs to be dropped and i am using the word dropped not rested.because i feel he should be shown his place,he is too over-confident that he is bigger than the team and that he can get away placing some absolutely mindless shots in the name of being "aggressive" opener.
  • Raina:: Anyone whose reading this blog please tell me why is Mr.Raina in our team?
  • Fielding(or rather the lack of it) :: In toady's match whenever i saw the ball go for 4 runs i couldn't spot a fielder who was behind the ball chasing it.I mean they don't try these days, or they try to stop the ball by means of their shoes !!! cmon' shoes !!! they never dive at the boundary and when they dive in the mid-field the ball has already gone past them like bhajji did today.
  • Running between the wickets :: Our team is so satisfied in taking 1's they don't ever bother to take the extra run that would put pressure on the opponents.Esp. dravid,shewag they never run fast.
  • Team selection ::Politics, that's all i can see in this team selection.obviously there is no presence of common sense while selecting a side.I don't know why can't they bring kumblelaxman.They give lame excuses like they are old and tired.Hell with those excuses.Kumble can still take way more wickets than bajji ever does.(he takes max 2 a game that too rarely).

I can go on and on ...but i won't because i am tired and i know that it won't make a fucking difference.The thing is all this media hype,the moolah they get once they score a century or take 5 wickets in an innings that they feel they are the next tendulkar or next warne.
Just give the new one's some time to grow and mature before you go on make them as next cricketing gods or else they will lie in their own misconception like shewag is on one right now.

All said and done I'll still cheer for India in the next match they play and criticize them if they lose shamelessly again,if you wanna lose at least lose with a fighting spirit.

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