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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Funny Conversation

yesterday i had gone to jayesh book store in chembur to buy some books while i was there , an uncle came in and the following short conversation took place in between him and the bookstore guy ::

Uncle:"hello, aapke pass koi CAT ke bare mein book hai?"
Book seller:[goin through books and finds a thick book related to the CAT examination and is just about to hand it over to uncle]
Uncle:"Aree woh nahi cat cat i mean billi"
Book seller:"oh bridge ke uapr woh card game.nahi uncle sorry woh nahi hai"
Uncle:""arre billi hoti hai na..kutte billi woh wala cat."
Book seller:"achha billi [starts simlin]haan woh udhar baju wali dukan mein milega"

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