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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Few Movies I Loved

Here are a list of movies i have watched and re-watched over and over again.These are some of the movies i would recommend to anyone who has a good sense of humor or has a knack for watching good "different" movies(other than usual shit on US/UK Top 10) or would just like to try out new movies(not necessarily in that order).The foll. movies are in general funny,black comedy,"great-one-liners" type movies. ::
The above movies are in no particular order,i like them all the same.(ok maybe some even more so).

PS:In case you have seen any of the above movie,and you liked it do care to share your views and if you feel otherwise ,LIC.


Harpreet S. Gill said...

nice collection tho i liked lebowski more than fargo .. neway coen bros always rock

Neeraj Munshi said...

oh hell i forgot to mention that.obviously that is a brilliant movie.add karna padega kal