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Monday, June 15, 2009


Definition :The mohsintionary describes it as the collusion of a multitude of pissing events happening in succession or close proximity to each other and furthering the destructive (pissing) effect than could have been caused by each such event in individuality.

For far too long,I have been judged and derided. For far too long.

For far too long, I have kept quiet,nodded,even smiled while listening to each one of YOU.Day in and day out someone or the other has kept on prodding me with his/her witty one-liners,although,I'm not saying that any of it was ill-intended but when the levee breaks,the flood's going to flow.

For far too long ,I have heard, from the 'Holier Than Thou' kind,about how I have been wasting my time,about how I am online all the time,about how I have nothing else to do,about facebooking,about orkuting,about gtalking,about virtually anything at all I have been doing(or rather the lack of it),about how sitting idle is apparently some kind of Blasphemy,about how I should find something "useful" to do,about "updating" too many times a day.

So at this point in time,I am all out of patience and ignorance.I am feeling a strange mixture of anger and motivation.Tide doesn't take much time to turn,God willing,it will turn.But for now I'm sitting in my room.

And waiting.

And wishing.

If only,self-righteous people had mirrors in their houses.

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