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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Some Random Questions

  • How did U.S.A become so rich and powerful?
  • Why does Tushar Kapoor act so badly in movies?
  • Why does Tushar Kapoor act at all in the first place?
  • Hum chlor-mint kyon kahate hain?
  • When will 'baa' die in 'kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi'?
  • Why do college profs bore us to death?
  • When will karan johar stop makin same kind of movies with almost same long names and same pattern of songs and same actors?
  • Is karan johar gay?
  • Why does orkut's server need a bloody donut?
  • Why do people think dan brown is a great author?
  • Who runs this "moral police" thingy anyways?
  • Do i love to hate or do i hate to love himeesss bhai?
  • Who the fuck gives money to people like deepak tijori to make shitty movies like OOPS ,Tom,dick and harry et all.?
  • When will B.M.C make good roads for mumbai?
  • Anthony Kaun hai?
  • Is the host of "Sansani" a struggling stage actor?
  • Why do people smoke?
  • Why do people smoke when they know its gonna kill 'em sonner than later?
  • When will kimi leave mclaren?
  • What's the meaning of life?
  • When will i stop wasting time?

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