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Friday, February 20, 2009

Mini Movie Reivews

These days i am on a movie binge of sorts,and which i plan to increase many folds in next few days Here's a list of movies i have seen in past few days and my views on the same:

  • Frost/Nixon : Engaging political drama inspired from true events taken place between tv show host David Frost and recently disgraced president Richard Nixon.The movie shows the historic interview and all the events that took place in order to organize that interview.Splendid performances by Michael Sheen and Frank Langella(nominated in Best Actor Category for Oscars '09) and also a good supporting cast led by one of my favourties,Sam Rockwell.Must Watch.
  • The Visitor:An Endearing human drama.Full On.No guns,no bombs exloding,no car chases.Just pure character developement and gripping human emotions.Once in a lifetime performace by Richard Jenkins(Nominated for Best Actor),he just gets in the skin of his charcter from the first scene.Must Watch.
  • The Wrestler:A much anticipated movie from one of my favourite director Darrren Aronofsky ,as always he chooses a different subject altogheter,a follow up to RFAD,and The fountain, don't know why but i was a bit disappointed by this one.This movie is basically a character study of the aging wrestler played to the hilt by Mickey Rourke(Nominated for Best Actor).He shows behind the scenes in the wrestling business and how the fame and the adulation and more imporatantly the love for the crowd is all that remains in a wrestler's life.Can be watched atleast once.
  • Gran Torino:Clint Eastwood is THE man.Period
  • How to lose friends and alienate people:Simon Pegg takes care of most of the proceedings in this movie.He pwns the movie.Funny movie in most of the parts plus there is Kristen Dunst(sweet,adorable) and Megan Fox(HOT).One of those movies to be seen with friends on a nightout.
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno:Yeah Yeah enough for the reactions.Seth Rogen,Elizabeth Banks have been platonic friends forever and they device an ingenious way to come out of their credit crunch.Yeah you guessed it right.Totally tp movie,just like the above one.Watch it.
  • National Tresaure:Book of Secrets : Yeah i don't know hy i watched this one but i always wanted to see atleast one of the National Treasure movies.Had no expectations from it and it surely topped that.Great Ensemble cast saved this movie for me.Cage,Jon Voight,Helen Mirren,Ed Haris,Harvey Keitel,Diane Kruger,and that sidekick.Popcorn flick,buckheimer ishtyle.
  • Dev.D:Kashyap finally redeemed himself for No Smoking(Personally i didn't hate that movie so much).Abhay Deol continues his golden streak of hindie cinema.I'm totally on his side.He is perfect as Dev.D.Some pretty fundoo dialogues shattering all taboos imaginable in hinid cinema or india in genreal.Though the movie could have done some editing and the ending could have been so much better.
  • LOST Season 5: It's getting better with age.As Macd would have said it; I'm Lovin' it.
  • Auf der anderen Seite(The Edge of Heaven):Saved the best for the last.Beautiful Cinema,Beautifully shot and directed.This one deserves a review of it's own.So yeah obviously a must watch.
Movies on my playlist:
  • Che Part One
  • Gegen die Wand(Head On)
  • Gomorra
  • Australia(God knows WHY)
  • Waltz with Bashir
  • Leaving Las Vegas.