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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Get the "Fizz" out !!

I was a ardent drinker of aerated drinks.i used to drink alot of cold-drinks in a day.used to sit in canteen and drink them on and on.would just need an excuse to drink one.i knew that it ain't good for health and all that but still i was like what diff would it make.

But nowadays seeing so much controversy surrounding cola standrads has got me goin.i mean if there is smoke there damn sure is fire.i aint blind to trust what gov. says or what cola MNC say.they treat india and africa as testing grounds for what they can't get away by doin in the US or UK.the gov. who gets it revenue is happy with whatever is the level of the colas in india.i cant understand is why the fuck they cant establish a set of standards for pesticide level in aerated drinks as well as for "mineral" water and vegetables.why cant gov. take a stand and have global standards in india as well. well in any case these drinks aint good for health but atleast they wont be extremly harmful.(i guess u get the point).

In the end it all comes back to money that gov. gets by MNC's and just keeps its mouth shut as usual and just protest on meaningless issues(another post esp. for tht topic).i just hope that dust settles down on this issue so till then mere coll canteen ka nimbu paani and juices n coffee ZINDABAD.

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