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Monday, July 24, 2006


some usefull websites without whom life would have been little more complicated:

  • ,>>>> enuff said
  •,, :some great torrent sites without whom i couldnt have downloaded all the music and movies n tv shows that i have written in my profile.
  • ----->>>> my fav. site its got reviews,descriptions about anything and everything under the sky.
  • , ,>>> great websites for movie/tv related queries or reviews or just about anything related to entertainment.
  • --->>>GOD site.dun know how our project reports would have completed if it wasnt for this site.just search and then copy paste the whole thing including index. and ya this site is also very helpful if are dumb and need to increase ur iq about ANYTHING in this world.
  • ,,, for those of you(like me) who are gonna face the placements process.u'll get all the info u need but sadly it ain't enuff.
  • will keep updating for rest of sites

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