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Monday, July 24, 2006


so today finally me and ravi thought of startin wrkin on our BE project which is to b done in v went to mankhrud to get stamp paper and type some stuff onto it.the typist was a sucker took too much money and made too many typo.well anyways moving forward we finished our all tht wrk and proceeded to our destination:BARC.i been livin in anushakti for past 17years and all these yrs i kept on wonderin how is it like inside tht north gate.(actually i went inside BARC once but tht was hardly anything,we went from our bus to audi n back).

we boarded ravi's zing and reached north gate where we got ourselves visitors id and were briefed about the rules applicable once we are inside that gate which are no mobiles,no cds,no elec items etc. then we moved towards other security check where we were once again briefed about the rules by a very nice we cleared all our initial obstacles and finally entered and proceeded towards our proj guide's office.there we filled up few forms and by that time lunch time came and we then went to eat in the canteen which sadly was not that good experience.there was salt in absolutely NONE of the food items but still we hogged on it.

after eating we were sent to another buildin which is at the far end of the complex so we had to board a shuttle.and then we saw the whole complex which btw was huge no actually it was FREAKIN HUGE(it has asia's longest buliding horizontaly i.e mod lab).since all these years i had heard that its big but now saw how big it really is.while returin i calculated it took us around 15mins in bus from south to north gate.
and btw none of our work actually got completed cuz of my damn coll. office.they had attested the damn form but princi hadnt signed on it so we were sent back and asked to come with completed forms.

i jus had to write this post because i am in awe of this wonderfull barc complex where mine and so many others dad n mom work in.


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