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Friday, November 28, 2008

An Ode to Mumbai

And so it happened AGAIN.

It's a Wednesday.(Who knew that a movie title could well turn out to be cliche of sorts)You come home from office at night,have your dinner and watch India beat the shit outta England. Think of changing status on your facebook account, as you are about to get up from sofa,mom switches to news channel showing a news piece about certain firing in mumbai.
You think this must be some silly firing among some groups or police encounter at best.

You go in your room and log onto net.10 mins down the line,you hear mom shouting come out,there seem to be more to this firing.As you blink your eyes,the ticker on the television channel start reading out the names of places where the firing has supposedly happened.Leopold.Hmm maybe someone has got off the hook.But Leopold?

CST station,TAJ,Oberoi.You think surely this can't be happening,it can't be that serious.Ville-Parle,JJ,Colaba.Shock starts to sink in,coz this just might be happening after all.But u still wonder,is it really happening at 11 in the night and that too CST,TAJ.Cmon'.

Live pictures start to pour in:People crawling on the road outside CST station,police escorting some people towards the safe zone,gunshots,some police men firing at unseen targets.You see this gathering momentum every second.CAMA hospital,GT Hospital under siege.Thoughts starts bouncing off the walls of your skull , just exactly how many of 'em are roaming around in South Bombay,are they firing with friggin' AKs,Can someone actually just fire openly on the roads of mumbai?

More news starts to pour in.Hostage situation in TAJ,Oberoi.Oh this can't be happening,they have taken over the both of 'em?You feel sleepy,you think this might get over in sometime.

You Sleep.You Wake up.Mom says this one has gone outta control.mum on high alert.they are loaded and they are on a killing spree at TAJ,Oberoi,Nariman House.

And as you go ahead with rest of your day and come back home(yeah there is no respite in IT).You watch images of TAJ burning.The very hotel which has been associated with mumbai to the very core.You see smoke coming out of TAJ ,as if it is Kashmir or Baghdad burning.But hold on, this is mumbai.OUR mumbai.Anger starts to sink in,it's been so long,what is really happening in there,how many mofos are with AKs in there,how many innocent people are still trapped inside these buildings.

Another day passes ,and more images of grenade explosions,fire,gunshots,blood start to fill your head.You pray for the safety of those still inside and feel sad for those who lost their lives in this ordeal.Still there seems to be no respite,as you know these mofos won't give in. They just aren't built that way.They know that the this will only end after they die but before that they'll take everything down with 'em.And that is visible with even more grenade explosions in TAJ.

You wonder just how much ammo they have bought with 'em,But hold on they can't just have bought this much ammo in their hands or bags.Surely they must have kept the explosives and ammo inside the rooms before they came in.So this is indeed an intricate plan.Meticulous planning must have been involved in it,after all you can't just bring in shitload of ammo inside TAJ the grand entrance ! The questions don't seem to end.Emotionally drained and confused,you think that all we'll be back to normal in few days anyways.Just don't think about it much...well yeah...i.e until the next one.

Mumbai-a city that never sleeps. Well this just might be true in more that one way that we could ever had imagined.