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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Things I Noticed : RAIT Alumni Meet '09

So as i visited my 2nd Alumni Meet yesterday,here's a list of few things that i felt would be worth remembering few years down the line :

  • People still come few hrs later than IST.So that's good.
  • As i walked in the gates on my college with Viki,it felt less of a reunion and more like every other weekend.
  • Ramteke Baba looked rather hilarious in a shirt.Stick to your tees and cargos. :D
  • Mohsin was found walking around the college arranging stuff for the event with his customary headphones.
  • Viki knows far greater number of people that I do.It felt stupid to keep staring at the ground or at some random tree while he conversed with them.
  • Tees available on sale looked a bit uninspired.So did the name of Alumni Magazine.
  • I finally gave Baba a chance to profess his long overdue unrequited love :P
  • Viki sorely missed the company of 2 of his groupies(The BIG A & A) :D
  • After my 1st year in RAIT the in-house metal scene was pretty much on the decline and this time around it felt as if it was officially dead.R.I.P.
  • Continuing our long-lasting tradition of humiliating the incoming bands in our college,no one gave even a rat's ass about the band.So much so that the lead singer was down in the ground,looking back and cheering rest of his "band".
  • Mohsin was the sole representative from the entire college who undertook the task of standing in front of the stage and giving the band encouragement of sorts.
  • There was a strong sense of solidarity amongst the classmates of A Div., Computers 2k7.
  • Our class on the other hand did show a very strong sense of Americanization.O Bro's Where Art Thou??
  • After 2 years it gets a little hard to remember all the names of your batch mates ,but we did found a very ingenious way to overcome that embarrassing situation.Whenever you come across some guy whom you know but STILL can't get yourself to remember his name,you just have to go like this " Abe BC, TUUUUUU ? Kaisa hai be ?? "
  • Chicken and the food in general was superb as it was last year as well.Although Chick Lollypop was gravely missed.
  • Backdoors of two cars looked like a kickass bar of any suburban pubs.
  • Booze was,is, and will always be cheaper than soft-drinks.To be preciese it was 10 bucks cheaper.*
  • I truly appreciate the efforts put in by everyone who was involved in organizing this event.
  • For what it's worth,if given a chance,I would attend another Alumni meet.
  • RAIT will always have a special place in all of our hearts,Period.

* Soft-Drinks were priced at Rs.10 a glass.


CharudAtta said...

I seriously cant say i'm sad i missed it...but any opportunity to hang out at RAIT is welcome and so is the free there...

Ms. Sunshine said...

Totally agree with the last point! :)

Anonymous said...

Respect to RAIT ..
only place where the fucking rock n roll seems better after a few drinks.

only place where you can say...ITS MY IDENTITY..

only place where you get a mixture of dudes n duds..

and last but not least.. only place where the BOOZE is cheaper than the soft drinks..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Confusion INC. said...

"Whenever you come across some guy whom you know but STILL can't get yourself to remember his name,you just have to go like this " Abe BC, TUUUUUU ? Kaisa hai be ?? "

fucking love this part!! can never get bored reading this entry!

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