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Monday, April 13, 2009

The 5 people you meet on earth

"When you die and go to heaven/hell ,and if you have made at least 5 good friends on earth then you have lived a good life"

The above quote or something on similar lines was the status message of a friend of mine.So this quote along with the subsequent conversation I had with her,somehow got stuck in my mind,and hence this post.

If you really come to think of it,friends are really the essence of this life we have.I won't go in the details of frandships and the importance of having some really good ones.So in what details i wanna go in to?? Hmmmmm,even i am not quite sure of it yet.

I'm really glad to have made some wonderful friends all through the different phases in my life.In my school/colony,the 12th std classes,RAIT,
LAN/cZ,Mastek I was lucky enough to come across a wide spectrum of people,and of all those I am very certain that I have made if not many but at least quite a few good friends,i.e the sorts who would be applicable to the above quote.

As years pass,it becomes quite difficult to pinpoint the exact starting point of a good friendship or what actually makes one go along so well with a particular person.As they say, It's Written.

With some I share all of my secrets,with some I had had some really great phone calls at a time when mobile phones had not made way into all of our lives,with some I had many eventful walks at night while coming back from classes, some i have spent most of my time with in school & college,some share mutual interests and dislikes,some because of whom my scrap count is nearing 8k,with some i have eaten food at the best places all over mumbai and in few other parts of india,some who know me better than I do myself and still talk to me for who I am while expecting nothing in return and regardless of how many times i forgotten their B'days( :p ) and then those few who are lost somewhere in time.

So i guess, this a Thank-You post to all you,YOU know who you are.

PS:This post is specially dedicated to the two of you whom i forgot to add in the list :)


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