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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

HowTo:Instructions and Guides on anything and everything

The below post is written in good humor and out of sheer boredom.Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely intentional.For Complaints & Grievances kindly use the comments section which may or may not result in (if any) prompt action.Though no efforts whatsoever have been made to ensure the accuracy and authenticity the content on this Portal, the same should not be construed as a statement of law or used for any legal purposes. Author apologizes in advance for the complete stupidity and uselessness of this post.

This is going to be my take on 25 Random Thingy which is on Facebook,the only minor difference is that this one doesn't have 25 things and I decided to include some of my friends in this one as well.

Listed below are upcoming 'How To' Guides, which are going to hit the shelf of a bookstore near you very soon.

  • HowTo: Ruin a good picture by CharudAtta.If you like this one,then do check out his earlier bestseller HowTo: "."
  • HowTo:Reply to a scarp in 7 words or less by Manas.He is currently in the process of writing his new guide HowTo:Use Rebel XTi.
  • HowTo:Buy Unnecessary awesome gadgets by Pratham.Author of earlier classics like,HowTo:Meddle with course of nature.
  • HowTo:Sleep with eyes and mouth wide open by Viki.
  • HowTo:Eat Chillies by Neel.
  • HowTo:Get bitten by a chicken by Sabu.
  • HowTo:Get Knifed in cZ by Maha.
  • HowTo:Smile for Photographs by Amy.She had previously written a rather horrendous personal account in HowTo:Get Poked.
  • HowTo:Laugh intermittently by Tanvi.She had earlier written lesser known cult classics such as HowTo:Walk Fast and HowTo:Recommend awesome restaurants.
  • HowTo:Sing "Barbie-Girl" with Death Growls by Chakku.
  • HowTo:Create new words by Mohsin.Author of previously unpublished smash hit HowTo:Do the Nagin Dance.
  • HowTo:Take Care of your Hair by Harpreet.
  • HowTo:Complete B.E by Ramteke Baba.His previous achievements include HowTo:Recommend Good Music.
  • HowTo:Wear Braces by Afra.She had earlier almost completed HowTo:Increase your height.
  • HowTo:Eat More & Stay Skinny by Shweta.
  • HowTo:Be Slow by Condi.
  • HowTo:Buy costly untangable crappy earphones by Jeet.
  • HowTo:Laugh Hysterically by Jisha.She is currently writing HowTo:Dance.
  • HowTo:Not drive a car by Akshay.Also check out the prequel, HowTo:Not ride a bike.A sequel with a surprising new twist is also in the making ,HowTo: Fly an Aeroplane.
  • HowTo:Stand in Queue by Shadab.
  • HowTo:Hump Mountains by Gaurang.
  • HowTo:Party All Night by jO.
  • HowTo:Screw Up by YOU.
And last but definitely not the least,here's a few guides by yours truly:
  • HowTo:Waste Time.
  • HowTo:Fail miserably in Aptitude Tests.
  • HowTo:Fidget with your face and hair.


Heretic said...

now with your how to guide, i can do so many things.....loved the disclaimer

crackhead said...
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crackhead said...

It would be fascinating to see what Barbie Girl sounds like when you growl ..maybe I should try it with AK :D