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Saturday, April 25, 2009

GOD hates NIKE......

.......or at least he/she doesn't like me wearing one of those.

3-4 Years Earlier,
Few days had passed since i had bought my brand new Nike shoes,I am the kinda person who doesn't buy shoes easily,by easily i mean that i browse through at least five to ten different brands in various malls and factory outlets before i finally choose THE pair.One important fact you should know is about the strange rule in my college library:One has to remove his shoes outside before he enters the "Air-conditioned" library" and this is BY ORDER.

Well so obviously i couldn't argue with "BY ORDER" ,so I removed my shoes outside the library and went inside.I still can't think of a good reason why i would have gone inside the library except maybe to get some assignments.Anyhoo the day was about to get over and I came back outside to head back home,so I start looking for my shoes,i repeat brand new shoes,and funny as it may seem,there sure as hell weren't there ! The moment it stuck me I thought of shouting "Chor Chor" but then thought otherwise.Everyone left and the only pair of shoe remaining was the one which my new friend had decided to leave for me,his own worn out shoes,while he walked away in my nike.

April 2009:
After all those years now I have bought another pair of Nike,which passed all the aforementioned mandatory browsing through stores located in Kharghar,Seawoods,Vashi and all the way to Bandra,Chembur.So I am happy again that i have got another Nike and now i wear that to my gym and other purposes,I'm loving this shoe,but as always,where there is too much love there is fate.

The important fact which you should know about present day is that in our home we have shoe rack outside which has a key and lock.

So,few days back mom and I saw a stray pair of Reebok lying right next to my shoe rack,we both didn't pay much attention to it,maybe someone has come in neighbours house and left it there.
And also around that time,mom took out the key from the shoe rack which dad had forgotten to keep inside while going out.So we lock the shoe rack and come back in.Dad comes back home,and inquires about the stray Reebok,i still couldn't care less.And so that day passes.

Next morning,while I am still in bed mom comes in room with that same stray Reebok and asks me whether this is my shoe.Half asleep I look at it and say "How can that be my shoe?NO,it's not MY shoe,why are you holding this shoe in my room in the first place?"As i answered this question i had already almost realized what had hap pend yesterday.So just to confirm it mom goes out and opens the shoe rack,and funny as it may seem,there sure as hell wasn't any Nike shoe lying around there.Mom confirms the same to me and I lay motionless in bed,smiling at the god above.Once again the memories of that fateful day in college sweep through my mind.

And hence the moral of the story lies in the title.

I thought of buying a new pair as i needed one to wear in gym,so i set out again to browse through the stores,but as i reached Vashi,even the thought of again going to through the pain of trying out various shoes troubled my lazy mind.I knew what had to be done.I went back home empty-handed.Later in the evening i wore those same stray Reebok to gym.


Anshul said...

Hahahah! Moral of the story, buy Reeboks the next time! God might approve!

CharudAtta said...

"Bad things don't happen to you coz you have bad luck, they happen to you coz you're a dumbass"
-- Red Forman


Neeraj Munshi said...

@anshul: I guess i just might have to do that next time around but maybe..just maybe i'll try my luck once again :D

@pable:True,True thou in this it's all coz of the god's vendetta against nike.True Story.