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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Second Last Viva (which almost took forever to finish)

Today officially i waited for the longest time EVER to give my viva.Reached college by 9.30 and gave my viva at around 5.30,only coz of my stupid decision not to give it with manas in the first group itself and it would have been over by 10.30-11.I said I'll give in next group and then that "next" group never seem to come.

3 down,1 to go !!!! Bring it ON !!

Anyhoo Life has been pretty much static in the past week.

Sleeping-Eating-Music-Reading 'A Fine Balance'-cut my hair REALLY short-Reading Few pages from notes and textbooks-Watchin Tv Series on comp or THE simpsons-talking on phone-spent the least amount of time EVER on internet in the past week *note to self : stop doing silly mistakes*-staying at home except for college and ravi's place-celebrated condi's b'day today-laughed like crazy morons while waiting for viva to happen-roamed like a stoner while waiting for viva to happen


CharudAtta said...

it was a dangerous road you were going down...reading books and sleeping early...come back to the dark side..mwuhahahahha

Neeraj Munshi said...

u got one thing wrong:sleeping early. still slept at 4.just didn't sit on comp :)