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Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am not in the mood....... study for mon's dwm viva,so i am writing this post.Just not getting in the flow to start with anything tonite.But it's not that i have anything special to do also, but still.Ab toh jo kal hoga utna kar ke jaonga.Not that anyone else is studying much. Everyone must be bored of vivas or atleast i sure hope that they are.

Got to try sardar's 30gig ipod when i went for a late night stroll with my friends.I absolutely love that piece man.Great video quality and he had some of my phavourite songs,so i had a nice time listening to them on his ipod And 5.5Gen ipod is much thinner that it's predecessor.

Currently listening to American Hi-Fi 's Debut album.Had bought their tape few years back,it was one of my fav. tapes to listen to in car.It has some great alt. rock songs my favs. being A fool for you,Flavour of the week , safer on the outside,Another Perfect Day. Try it out.Nice album.

Currently Reading "A Fine Balance" -By Rohinton Mistry .I really like the character development in this book.The way he has given the background of all the concerned characters.I have heard this is a very tragic and sad book.So i am proceeding with caution,and by now signs are very clear.He doesn't sugarcoat things.The future seems bleak for the characters.But it's been a great read till now.Will give a complete review when i am finished with it.

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CharudAtta said...

fuck dude...we'll die like this..boredom..its the biggest killer of them all...
DWM sucks!..not that i've read anything yet..but i have reliable sources