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Friday, April 20, 2007

The First Last Viva !

And so it begins.The beginning of the end to my last set of vivas in engg.

Woke up today at 7.15 !!! yes you read that right 7fkin15, coz i had to get my journal corrected before 9 in the coll,as vivas were gonna start by 9.So i got ready and left college with ravi by car so as reach "on time".

As we entered the coll at 8.30,we were greeted my one of the lab ass, looking at us in a way which can be best described as sheer mockery.He must have been thinking in his mind "Chalo aaj mam ne inko banaya" .So we came in a near empty coll and met dAtta n others who were stupid enuff to come before me. :D

So as we laughed and made fun of what we had and more importantly what we had not studied, the time stuck 930 and just as we were getting our journal corrected,viva had started.So manas decided to go in the 2nd batch and we(dAtta n I) decided to go in one after that and as luck would have it we ONCE again made the right choice.

Our turn came and dAtta and I rushed in first, and took the place near our internal mam.Luckily for us,external and mam decided to divide the work and we were to be asked ques by our mam.
The process of asking ques started with me and eventually by the end of the viva both of us had answered almost all the answers together, he drew the figure and i explained and when he gave an answer and i controlled my laughter as mam was almost laughing with me.

But we had to be careful not to distract the attention of the external at us. And when we didn't knew a particular topic we both looked at each other at precisely the same instant and that look said many words. To conclude i would say it was a pretty damn good viva,all thanks to our mam and somewhat to us as we didn't exactly kept quite,we answered most of the ques to her satisfaction. MINIMUM input MAXIMUM output.

1 Down , 3 to go ! ! Bring it ON !!!

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CharudAtta said...

minimum i/p maximum o/p biach!!!!