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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Of Racism and Indian Hannibal

SO i switch on the news these days or if i read the newspaper the only two things i seem to get a glimpse of is shilpa and surender.

Who shilpa you might ask?

Shilpa shetty ofcousrse our own bollywood havebeen(or neverbeen in her case).If i had posted this one week back it would have taken us a minute or so to remember her.But now thanks to Big Brother she is in the "news" again for horrendous act of racism against her.But i have just got one doubt which is "on what basis was she selected by endemol(the producers of the show) to participate in UK?". The only answer that echoes my mind is that:because she is asian or to be more appropriate indian.(even a paki would have done the job but sadly there aren't many paki celebs.)So they come looking for a indian celeb to put into the house with other 11 housemates for their show.
So they decide this is good new trick to boost up our TRP's.Already there is a huge cry over racism in UK as we all have already read in papers that thousands of indians are being sent back.So if we all know how they treat asians over there,does anyone really think the producers of the show and shilpa would not have known that beforehand!!!
So one week into the show and she cries "RACISTS"/"I AM A VICTIM OF RACISM" . I say BULLSHIT.Hell she has been paid crores of ruppees to be on that show and they tell me that is the costliest celeb over there so she better create some controversy over there else what the fucking use of her goin over there.So the plan backfires a bit as it grows out to a full blown controversy sparing not even Mr.Blair himself who even made a speech of so and so in parliament.So few days go by eviction comes by and now what do i read in the paper from shilpa and i quote "I AM NOT A VICTIM OF RACISM".so i say well done Big Brother.

Now you might ask who surender? He is the supposedly man eating servant who has been killing and eating all those poor kids and ladies from last two years or so on the instruction of a tantrik in noida along with mohinder(his employer).First there were reports that there are missing knee caps,skulls,and that all parts of the body were removed in a very professional mannner without any bone getting damaged.

The police have already done nothing in this matter since last two years ,making no effort at all to make a secure FIR nor were bothered about the missing childern as they are from poor families of nithari village.Then there are reports that there are contact details of many doctors and police offficials in his mobile and there are speculations of organ-trading.So the case is transferred to CBI after systematically destroying all the evidence and cleaning up the house of the accused and now the foucs is on the Maneating servant.all bullshit.There is no effort made to find the doctors involved in this or investigate into organ-trading instead they are making us believe that this man has eaten all those childern and lets see how low our political and police system can i say well done Haryana police.

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nikhil said...

its the same everywhere..everyone loves to play the victim...and the hannibal wannabes will never get sentenced coz the court will obviously declare them as insane and they will go scot free