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Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Recent Viewings

Here's a brief list of some of the movies i have seen recently and how they turned out to be.

  • Schindler's List : Nothing much need's to be told about this masterpiece by speilberg.briliant adaptation from a novel "schindler's arc".It tells the true story of poland in the years 1940-1945 under the Nazi rule.It shows the basic trasformation of a shrewd businnessman Oskar Schindler(Liam Neeson) who works with the nazi's employing the jews(includin his accontant(Ben Knigsley)) to his profit and then how things change as he notices their condition under the rule of new general(Ralph Finees) and how he affects the lives of 1000 jews.Brilliant acting by everyone.MUST WATCH
  • The Pianist:Another movie about the nazi rule in poland directed by Roman Polonksi who himself has spent his childhood under the nazi rule.This movie too starts off like schindler's telling the story of a Jew family through the eyes of one of the sons(adrien brody,in his academy award winning role) BUT this movies takes a differnt turn and it shows the life of an indiviual is under the regime.It has got that emotional connection that was missing in schindler's list.
  • Requiem For a Dream : This movie shows lives of 4indiviuals and how their lives are affected by drug abuse.This movie starts off with hary(jarred leto) who is a young man under heavy infulnce of drugs and his mom who is addicted to TV and dreams of making her appearance on televison.hary's girlfriend marrian(connley) is also addicted like hary and goes to regular visits to his shrink.and harys friend.From then on what follows is a downward spiral when the 4 of them come face to face with their worst nightmares. BEWARE !! this movie is ceratinly not for the faint-hearted.This is a very depressing movie by that i really mean VERY depressing movie.Bad things keep on happening one after another finally comming to a intense climax.I was so shaken and stirred by this movie that i am thinking about it till now since last two days. The direction of this movie is totally BRILLIANT.this movie convey's the message about drug abuse along with a much broader sense of addiction of various kinds. absolutely essential viewing.AMAZING O.S.T.
  • Inside Man: movie about a bank heist.good script which kinda lets you down at the end.but stilll worth a watch.
  • The devil wear's prada : jassi jaisa koi nayi in US fashion industry.nice simple movie.nothing new to it but it tells it limited story in a nice feel good way.superb acting by meryl steep as fashion magzine head honcho resembling the devil.
  • Little Miss Sunshine: every now and then there comes a indie movie which totally blows u away.This movie is one of them.a simple movie about a dysfunctional family with a damn good script and dialogues.The movie makes you laugh at the situations in their lives.can't describe what is so special about this movie but i rate it very highly in my all time fav movies.
  • Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan::Evil comedy.Wicked movie.totally politically incorrect.Amazing HILLARIOUS.this movie will make you laugh so hard.semi-doucmentry.don't watch this movie if u are offended by.....ummm...mmm..nevermind.
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: cool stylish movie with excellent narration by robert downey jr.brilliant dialogs.definetly worth a watch.
  • Mulholland Dr:a puzzle by david lynch.go figure out your self.

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rCkcLimb3r said...

Yup Trying religiously to watch all these .. and surprisingly, was quite succesful in it.. though yet to watch Schindler's List and Pianist..

but will sure se that albeit after exams now..