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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pirates of the GURU-Dead Man's Chest

Well as the name of the post suggests these are two movies i saw yesterday and today.

GURU : I liked this movie which showcases some brilliant performances by abhishek,mithun da , mahadevan along with nice direction by mani ratnam.He knows exactly how to extract good performances from his actors.He knows exactly what he wants and gets that.While abhishek sometimes tend to act like amitabh from agneepath in the end but i guess thats ok,coz i liked rest of the movie very much.The climax is a bit of a letdown.Well in the end some of u will love it where as the other half won't as was the case in omkara(another well-directed movie).

Pirates.of.the.Caribbean-Dead.Man's.Chest :The actors are the same but the humor is gone.too stretched out for no reason whatsoever.All that stupid parts of those tribal people are of no consequence.The only thing i liked about this movie is depp(as usual brilliant) and the last scene.

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