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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Terminally Bored !

This has been my state for past 2 days now.Been at home for past two days, today i could have gone out to meet friends @c1 but woke at 1.30 in the afternoon and then felt lazy enough to stay at home and get bored instead.

Watching death note ( a Japanese anime series) these days along with some movies at random but haven't completed one.Saw Garden State on Star Movies today, AGAIN for Nth. no. of time now and still can't get enough of it.

Reading books at random mainly 1984 it's an amazing book.I think most of you might have heard and read this one, for those who haven't get your copy today of both book and the movie. Essential reading and viewing.

Listening to porcupine tree's "Fear of a blank planet " : The lyrics in this album are so superb, and applicable in today's age. IMHO,their music in this album is kinda mixutre of pink-flyod and tool.

Lately my mood has been kinda down , for some reason which is unknown to me.Sometimes i get in this shell of mine where i feel all alone, and i feel like staying that way in that period of time.I think i should spend more time reading books now, they occupy my mind and also provide good food for thought. Sometime when you sit hours at a time watching the scrap counter in orkut stuck at one place(not that it matters if it's moving) , you start feeling sick,you start feeling empty, if i was another person who was looking at me i would tell myself
" Go Get a Life "


CharudAtta said...

dude! i saw GS for the nth time too!

and theres this line in scanner about the house that they live in...
"so much could be done with it....they ought to confiscate it and put it to better use..."

and thats what we know.

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