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Friday, July 27, 2007

Alas !!! Hype Prevails


And So it has ended FINALLY.I couldn't think of posting this review without letting out the plot details so anyone who is interested in reading book 7 should stop reading this review right now.

The Book started off at a very high pace with the 'dark lord" and his humble servants beating up people in order to find out the location of a certain boy named harry potter. :D and then i thought everything was happening too fast , things strated changing very fast and people attacking from here and there.

Then for afterwards for a long period of time all the things involved around the troubleseeking trio, and in that period i particularly didn't like certain repetation of same pharse's over and over For Ex : Hermione telling harry to close the link between his mind and voldy's. I suppose that line was repeated almost 3 times. Although i liked the characters of ron , herminone themselves , i thought the friendship shown between those 3 was good.

But as the plot started to unfold things started falling into place as if the gods themselves have shown them the way , there were too many coincidences and cliches.And then she introduced the plot of deathy hallows and a stupid fairy tale to go along with it.What i don't understand about this is just one thing : WHY ? IMHO i thought the deathly hallows didn't serve any purpose and just helped to fill in some more pages.

Halfway through i started thinking maybe , just maybe this book is going towards a different ending( although my friends had already told me that they were disappointed) but then the Chapters of Prince's tale and King Cross dashed all my hopes. How could she just take the easiest way out, cmon after all this hype about killing people and after so many , all she could find was THIS ending.Especially in king's cross chapter she bought back albus to give all the answers and Prince's tale snape got himself freed of all his guilt and became the good guy , i mean albus telling snape to kill himself could have been prediceted even by a num-skull who has read the previous book.

And the way voldermort , THE greatest dark wizard of all time, the DARK LORD himself blah blah got killed was simply "mindblowing"

IMHO all the books that preceeded Goblet of fire are just as a result of hype created around it and a marketting gimick.I really don't think order of phoneix needed to be 700 odd pages long , she filled in all the fillers she could find just so the book got longer and more importantly costlier.And after contemplating some more into this i think she could as well as written Book 7 after book no. 4 or 3 itself. All's well that ends. !!

PS: Harry potter is not real, i just hope i don't get beaten up by my fellow "loyal" potter fans.


CharudAtta said...

...there are people in this world who liked the ending of this book...LIKED! and there are others that LOVED the whole book....what kind of world do we live in bhaisaab??? i just dont know what to believe in anymore....
*and then sad music comes on...and the camera moves away from me...slowly*


Anshu Anand said...

Hey ..I think Lord Voldemort's death was pathetic.I agree with you on that part.I still loved the book overall.May be it's a result of 6 years of loving it.