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Friday, July 20, 2007

MY Director's Special

What follows is a list of my favourite Movie Director's , and you may or may not agree with the list but nonetheless this list will provide you a list of brilliant movies which you must watch at all cost(i.e if you haven't done it already). SO here it goes ( The following list is in no particular order) :

I) Stanley Kubrick :
This guy was simply way ahead of his times.For Ex. in his movie The Killing (1951) he had used the non-linear style of story-telling which was later made famous by tarintino in the 90's.He has made some movies which has influenced some of the best directors of recent times.He has made movies in wide spectrum of genres viz war,sci-fic,horror,ultra-violent.

Essential Viewings : The Killing(1951),Paths Of Glory(1957),Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb(1964) [ This is one of the most hilarious movies i have ever seen in my life ] , A Clockwork Orange(1971), Full Metal Jacket(1987)

II] Coen Brothers :
They are THE master of Black Comedies.They have got some of the best written scripts in their movies and they somehow extract brilliant performances from their actors.Many of their movies have metaphorical aspect in them, and may not be understood well by the "pop-culture" kinda crowd(Refer :Barton Fink,The Hudsucker Proxy). I enjoy black comedies and intelligent cinema , i have loved almost their every movie , because of the subtle humor in their movies.I would really recommend all of you to watch their movies if you like to laugh out loud at something other than slapstick comedies.

Essential Viewings:Blood Simple,Fargo,The Big Lebowski,O Brother Where Art Thou,Barton Fink,The Hudsucker Proxy,Miller's Crossing.

III] Christopher Nolan :
This guy caught my attention when i first watched Memento, that flick was simply amazing,it blew me away completely with it's unusual way of storytelling.Insomnia was also very good directed movie.I also loved what he did with Batman Begins and how he gave that movie a (much needed) dark overture.AND then he made The Prestige which again has a very non-linear way of storytelling involving magicians, a very different storyline.

Essential Viewings: Memento,The Prestige

IV] Guy Ritchie :
Some of THE best witty lines in movies are written by him.His Movies can be watched over and over and over again, and the best part is that it gets better with repeated viewings.Lock,Stock,And Two smoking barrels,and Snatch are my favourite con/Robbery/Black comedies i have ever seen.You never know when the scene changes from a guy making joke about something and getting his hand chopped off in the next scene.His movies are VERY VERY funny and violent at times. Special Mention to his movie Revolver over here because like his earlier movies this one also has killer lines but along with it has a underlying metaphor which simply with mess up with your mind.

Essential Viewings : Lock,Stock And 2 Smoking Barrels , Snatch , Revolver

V] Steven Spielberg:
Well i can't say that i have watched all of his movies but i have added him onto this list coz of 2 reasons : Schindler's List & Saving Private Ryan. I absolutely enjoyed these two epics he made.The way he made Schindler's list was amazing and the attention to detail in Saving Private Ryan was mind blowing. The war scenes were too good.

Essential Viewings : Schindler's List,Saving Private Ryan,Jurassic Park,ET

VI] Martin Scorsese :
Martin Scorsese + Robert DeNiro=Magic.
Has made remarkable movies in which he has extracted some of the finest acting from deniro.Just watch Taxi Driver or Raging Bull and you'll know what i'm talking about.

Essential Viewings : Mean Streets,Taxi Driver,Raging Bull,Goodfellas

VII] Darren Aronofsky :
This guy has a different way of putting things.It hits you like a bullet train.Some of the scenes in RFAD are etched in my mind along with the haunting music.RFAD has to be in my list of fav. of movies.It was one of the most depressing movie i have EVER seen in my life and it was brilliant. The fountain also had a very different concept and was very beautifully shot.

Essential Viewings : Pi,Requiem for a Dream,The Fountain

IX] Francis Ford Coppola :
Well i HAD to add the godfather himself to my list.Period.

Essential Viewings : The Godfather pt.II ( because it's my fav of the 3), The Godfather , Apocalypse Now

X] Quentin Tarantino :
So HE makes my list complete.I don't think there is much to say about this guy than what all has been said before, though i still can't forgive him about how he killed Grindhouse with his Death-Proof

Essential Viewings: Reservoir Dogs,Pulp Fiction,Kill Bill

Honorable Mentions :
Alejandro González Iñárritu
Chan-wook Park
Guillermo del Toro
Spike Jonze
Michel Gondry
Brian De Palma
Roman Polanski


CharudAtta said...

Nice compilation...although you for got to add Anil mahta of the Gadar and apne! what "awesome" films! Also the guy who directed AAP KA SuROOOOOOr: The MuvIee ;D

Neeraj Munshi said...

The Omission is regretted by the author from the heart.

CharudAtta said...

aur saale "My" and the "in no particular order"...plagiarizing!

Neeraj Munshi said...

GM !! :D :D :D

CharudAtta said...


Anshu Anand said...

Nice !

Richard Linklater is missing !!

Neeraj Munshi said...

OHH Yess YEsss ,how did i miss him. Some of my fav movies are made by him. The omission is TRULY regretted this time.

Anonymous said...

Saw Zodiac.. AWESOM movie...
btw i agree to the Compiled list...