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Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Friend and I

I had this idea the other day about Neerazzz guest writing on my blog and vice-versa. Didnt think much about it really, just gave him a buzz on gtalk and things rolled from here i am writing An Ode to No One, which by the way is the name of a Smashing Pumpkins song that i'm yet to hear.

I've been racking my brains...why do they say brains when everyone has only one?? or do they just say brain and I'm horrible at grammar...Anyhoo I've been thinking about what to post for the past two days. This being a blog belonging to someone else, i thought I'd just write about that someone and a little bit of me as well .Neerazzz i call him....affectionately?? i'm not too sure about that.

We met in 3rd sem, and as fate would have it, me and a certain someone shared the same first name. This actually did absolutely nothing to get us know each other as well as we do now. Gradually we discovered that we had the same awesome taste in films and books and TV series....cds and books were exchanged( some of which i still havent returned) and the monotonous lectures were filled with discussions about our shared interests.
Whats more is that we even hated the same films, series etc.

I remember the first Goa trip when we were all crammed inside this small gypsy, all day long...and looking for Donna Paula, which by the way is totally NOT worth going.

The best discussions i can recall were during the time we used to wait for the aptis results to come out...ohh we used to curse the damn companies and why did didnt find us qualified enough to select. Also we used to hate the fact that we had to dress up in formals every Sunday morning and drag our asses to college for almost a year for some punk-ass HR exec who'd tell us what we weren't and what we should be.

Goa trip part deus was best time we had being miserable...we cursed a lot and then at night cursed some more. We stuck together in face of grave mismanagement and chaos...sab 'bana' ke gaye hum logo ko.

I wish to say that he never change, and always be the way he is...but that would be horrible to say! because like me hes lazy, confused and bored most of the time. So for all of our sake i hope that he change his ways and maybe motivate me enough to do the same.
bhratashree!!! over and out ;)

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