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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Static Prevails

Finally my long run at home is ending.I am bored out of my mind sitting at home.Enough bunking college now.Now i am gonna go there everyday ,even if it means to go and sit in canteen or rrc drinking lemon ice tea or nimbu paani or coffee or whatever , but i am gonna get outta my home everyday.

Damn i am bored.

Tomo is traditional day in coll. so gotta get up and have a nice shave(i look like hell with all this hair over my face...damn its itchy).Gonna wear kurta-payjama tomo which i got few months atleast tomo is gonna be somethin different from routine.Its gonna a photo session with eveyone getting their digi's.It's gonna be out last traditional day in college.So gonna have fun and click some nice pics with my friends :-)

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