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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another Useless Day In College

So today after sitting at home on tue. i go to college as i had decided on the day before while talking to manas.After a short discussion on phone we decided that its better to attend todays coll.

And with that i arrive in college at sharp 9.30 , coming in i see two of my classmates and they tell me that they aren't sitting for pracs as they have got placements and that no one is yet to come for pracs and just at the moment manas comes rushing in

Act 1 ,Scene 1::


I: oye sunn,koi nahi hai sab log ka placy hai aaj !
M:abee chal chal,jaldi chal andar.
I: abeee koi nahi hai ...placy hai !!!
M:*reaching the door* abe chal andar ! mein pehli baar itna jaldi aaya hoon ..mein ja raha hoon..
I: ruk ja kutte, soch le .
M:*entering a empty lab, me following him* ABEE
I:Dekh liya kutte !
M:*thinking bout what he has just done* ABEEEEE tune bola kyon nahi !!
I:Bol toh raha tha mc ki koi nahi hai lab mein, apun dono akele hai !
M:ABE fucker tune bola kyon nahi ki LAB KE ANDAR koi nahi hai !!!
I:abe harami bol toh raha tha ki koi nahi hai koi nahi hai andar...kaan mein leke rakha tha kya !!
M:*regretting the thing he has done just now* abe shit yaar yeh kya ho gaya...i never thought this could coming first into the lab that too with no one in the lab coming behind us!
I: baith abhi saale ..baithe reh akele...bol raha tha ruk jate hain.

Act I, Scene II

*after discussing all kind of bull shit in pracs ranging from stocks to movies to avoiding encounter with a certain alien from another dimension ,me manas and dutta sitting in front of computer with a notepad file open with some rubbish prog*

*mam walking towards us as its time to leave..well almost..its 11 and just then dutta did something that manas is gonna regret for the rest of the day, he closed the only file that was open in our comp,just before mam came.*

T:haan toh kya kiya tumne 2 ghante se...haan i mean 1.5ghante se ?
*mam standing behind us, we 3 staring at the computer screen showing windows desktop*
T : haan bolo...kuch nahi kiya kya aaj lab mein ?
M: mam maine woh ek prog kiya tha 1st pracs mein..client server ka !
T:haan woh toh theek hai par aaj kya kiya ? rpc kiya kya ?
M:nahi mam woh tabhi alag comp pe the , aaj kuch nahi kiya ?
I:mam kuch nahi aata hai , kya karen hum ?
T: toh phir client server kaise kiya ?
C: mam woh pehle kiya hua tha...aata tha..
T: toh phir lab mein prepared aane ka..books padke aane ka....blah blah blah ...
T:jao tum log..mein tumhe attendance nahi de rahi hoon.
M,I,C: *thinking in our minds simultaneously* BITCH
*she walks away*

Epilouge ::

M : fuck bc...mujhe 4 hafte se attendance nahi mila hai.she didnt give me attendance last time also but that time i was late so i thought it was ok ,but man this time i left home at 8.30 and reached on time and that too first...shitt ...jaan de jaan de..abhi se isska pracs baithne ka hi nahi...bahut ho gaya iska natak...munshi tere wajah se hi sab hua hai..main bola tha nahi aate hai coll ko aaj...tu hi bola chal...and charu tu yeh kya kiya saale kaun bola tha tujhe clsoe karne ko flie...saale kuch toh raag dete...

I,C:*lookin towards him and falling down laughing* HAHAH saala tera kismat hi aise hai..hahah


rCkcLimb3r said...

OMG that was Hilariousssssss
im laughing my ass off..
poor souls.. to top it all attendence bhi nahi mila


epOch said...

tht bitch messed with the wrong people!...
hell with attendance now...

ps. its spelt charudAtta fucker

Neeraj Munshi said...

ohh lol..i am always confused on how to spell ur my cell also dutta hi hai..hahah..

Manas said...

That bitch sis gonna pay. Oh yeah she's gonna pay. She's gonna walk home this tuesday wondering why she got out of the bed that morning. She's gonna have a reality check. That bitch has gone too fucking far. I mean, she needs a dose. Time to crush her self esteem.

epOch said...

abey loser! DC prax are on Wednesday...thats the day after tuesday....

Anshu Anand said...

Funny ...made me remember my college days : )