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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Perfect Circle

Okay,so where do i begin?
It's hard to believe that my last blog post is dated July 23,2009(not taking into consideration my previous post).It was exactly a day before i was to leave for Amrika.I still remember that strange feeling within.All those nights,when i used to sit back in my balcony in Udayagiri staring at those planes flying across the sky,wondering where i am headed.Contemplating what is that i am supposed to do after i finish my engineering.I remember it was sometime in T.E when everyone was giving their GRE,while me and pable discussed our future.Those random/philosophical/lengthy yahoo chats with Manas about weighing the pros/cons of coming to US,masters,MBA and everything in between.Those confused thoughts going through my mind all through those years.Going forward with these thoughts work started and still my mind wasn't fully occupied,somewhere deep inside something didn't feel right.So then as the cliche goes, universe conspired to get things in motion and after that night i was also going to walk on through to the other side.

As far as life over here goes,it's been a pretty exciting.Most of the things over here were,just the way i though they would be.EXCESS - that is the only word to describe Amrika.I'll save my thoughts on Amrika for some other post.Everyone gets by over here,with a bit of faith.If you lose optimism over here,you lose everything.There were times when the words didn't seem optimistic but inside my heart everything did feel right.It wasn't like those previous years.There were testing times,i(along with others) worked till wee hours in the morning,learnt to make some fat-ass burritos,got to know several dozen types of meats and cheese,stocked all varieties of chocolates,gums, but it was all worth it.I still remember the conversations nair and I used to have in highland, somewhat similar to ones described earlier in the posts.I would not change a single thing.As time passed by I got everything i deserved and more. Just a little bit of faith is required.

Largely due the close proximity of my destined university ,I also got to cross some places off my to-visit list which i had made during engineering days.Previous winter i got to see vegas, which was fun.Those blinding lights,the fountains of bellagio,the grandness of MGM grand,quite awesome.And even more importantly i traveled to the city
(technically,a state) of my dreams(as cheesy as it may sound but that's the truth,i was/am obsessed with it,balme that on the internet/hollywood) :California.Pable and his co-op was the perfect excuse to go to San Diego.I really had an amazing time traveling to there alone and even more so traveling with "them" within SD and LA.The ocean is really breathtaking ,reminiscent of Mumbai.

With the blink of an eye,I am more than half way though this course.Most of the things Jisha mentioned in an comment on one of my last posts turned out to be true.Things changed and for better or worse, I changed.

And so with this post i am trying to reach a perfect circle and start posting more often on my blog.It feels good to be back again.Cheers!


Shirish K said...

I remember feeling the same way you did. What to do after engineering? :D I've never regretted the decision to come here. Like you said, for better or worse I've changed since coming here. I'm not so naive and trusting like I used to be in Pune. I consider that a good thing, but it's sad at the same time. I can't believe I've grown up so much in a matter of 2 years! Survivability, I guess :)

Ms. Sunshine said...

It is June 29th today, your last post was on May 15th - is that called writing more frequently? :P