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Thursday, October 18, 2007

And i Missed You Too

SO......It feels quite weird to type in my own blog after some 6 months i guess.I somehow just stopped posting over here ,somewhere around august and it was that period of time in my life when i was truly and completely free and had nothing but time with me.But some part of me didn't feel like posting my worthless daily routines over here and then i just completely lost track of posting in my precioussssshh(as goloum would say).

Anywhoo all that is long time ago , things have changed since then and HOW.Well obviously you'll don't know how but i simply love this rheotoric kinda lines :D But i am not in the mood to tell ya that actually(simply coz it's nothing special and just mundane stuff) , but just that i am trying very hard to bring back the optimist in myself.Since the past month i have become this dull and bored kinda individual who is just living it thru one day at a time.And it's not like i have anything bad goin on in my life but just that it doesn't feel the right thing , but i guess it's probably the only thing i'll have to do for sometime at least.

As you can see i have used a lot of BUT in this post(no pun intended) but i can't help it , coz that's how confused i am...AS EVER.I really pray that i get some sense and find the thing that i have always wanted in life....whatever that is...

PS:As i write this post i feel alive again :)

1 comment:

Tanvi said...

all work n no play makes neerazzzz a dull boy !!!
but who can miss those three breakfast table "zokes" wit the best of them all being 'mohabat hai mirchi' n 'himesh ki nayi picture' ones !!!!! hehhehehe.... you aren't as dull as u r projecting urself to be out here .. atleast i can vouch 4 dat !

AND/ SO.. keep bloggin dude !!